With faith, hope and love, CityKidz
is transforming lives, one child at a time.

Three simple ways you can help inspire big dreams for children…

Todd delivers his speech at CityKidz Big Dream Banquet.

Big Dream Banquet

Join in our celebration of hope!

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

A monthly gift of $33 enables us to provide long-term love and support to a deserving child.



Impact the lives of children in your community!

Meet Hope

CityKidz changed my life by showing me that I belong to something and that gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. Without CityKidz I would be nowhere. So now I want to give something back – that’s why I became a volunteer.

CityKidz Blog

With hundreds of volunteers serving thousands of kids in three growing communities, CityKidz is always making news.

CityKidz Ottawa | Dream Banquet 2017

CityKidz Ottawa | Dream Banquet 2017

WE NEED YOU NOW, MORE THAN EVER!! What we do at City Kidz is important…

CityKidz | We Asked Our Staff What They’re Grateful For, Their Responses Will Warm Your Heart

CityKidz | We asked our staff what they’re grateful for, their responses will warm your heart

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we took the opportunity during our morning devotions to…

CityKidz | 5 Facts About Childhood Hunger

CityKidz | 5 Facts About Childhood Hunger

The effects of food insecurity on children and youth are wide-ranging and long-lasting. While children…

CityKidz Branches

One day, we hope to be serving communities from coast-to-coast, but for now we’re helping transform these cities.