This Summer, send two children to camp for only $45.

Three simple ways you can help inspire big dreams for children…



Your gift will help children reach their full potential.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

A monthly gift of $33 enables us to provide long-term love and support to a deserving child.



Impact the lives of children in your community!

Meet Hope

CityKidz changed my life by showing me that I belong to something and that gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. Without CityKidz I would be nowhere. So now I want to give something back – that’s why I became a volunteer.

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With hundreds of volunteers serving thousands of kids in three growing communities, CityKidz is always making news.

CityKidz | Surprise Treasure Day!

CityKidz | Surprise Treasure Day!

  We need to get something off our chests. It’s been over a month since…

CityKidz | Super Squad Crew Call

CityKidz | Super Squad Crew Call

Drive A Bus At CityKidz!

Drive a Bus at CityKidz!

'The nicest thing happened to me today. I was in Giant Tiger with my CityKidz…

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One day, we hope to be serving communities from coast-to-coast, but for now we’re helping transform these cities.