With faith, hope and love, CityKidz
is transforming lives, one child at a time.

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Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

A monthly gift of $33 enables us to provide long-term love and support to a deserving child.



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Meet Hope

CityKidz changed my life by showing me that I belong to something and that gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. Without CityKidz I would be nowhere. So now I want to give something back – that’s why I became a volunteer.

CityKidz Blog

With hundreds of volunteers serving thousands of kids in three growing communities, CityKidz is always making news.

Jumpstart Day At Tim Horton’s Field

Jumpstart Day at Tim Horton’s Field

Yesterday, dozens of our kids participated in Canadian Tire's Jumpstart at Tim Horton's Field. Jumpstart…

CityKidz Regina | Every Child Should Have The Right…

CityKidz Regina | Every Child Should Have The Right…

What should every child have the right to? At CityKidz Regina we believe every child…

CityKidz Ottawa | Summer Newsletter

CityKidz Ottawa | Summer Newsletter

Happy Belated Canada Day! Here in Ottawa, it’s amazing how resilient we Canadians are, considering that…

CityKidz Branches

One day, we hope to be serving communities from coast-to-coast, but for now we’re helping transform these cities.