Financial Accountability

Transparency and accountability in all that we do is key to our success as an organization and this includes our stewardship of the financial resources that are entrusted to our care. Contact us, and we’ll happily provide you with even more information.

See our Financial Statements below.

Your resources are stewarded wisely

Rest assured, we make every effort to ensure that at least 80 cents of every dollar goes directly to children’s programming and that administration (approx. 8% of our costs) and fundraising expenses (approx. 12%) are kept to an absolute minimum. Because our Ottawa and Regina branches are relatively new and have resulting one-time start-up costs that make our 80/20 target unachievable in the short-term, that is nonetheless our shared goal for them moving forward.

Financial Statements

Stewarding your resources responsibility is of the utmost importance to us. Each year Hamilton’s financial statements undergo an extensive audit, while Ottawa and Regina also receive a full financial review by a certified accountant.