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CityKidz | 100 Men & 100 Women who support CityKidz

Earlier this month, CityKidz welcomed 100 Women Who Care and 100 Men Who Give A Damn to our Burlington Street headquarters. While that sounds like a lot of people to fit into an office, it was actually just a few representatives from each of the local 100 Who Care groups’ chapters.

100 Women Who Care and 100 Men Who Give a Damn are both rooted in a mission of community service. Their purpose is to bring at least 100 women and 100 men together to support a non-profit organization in their community.

Operating separately, each group meets four times a year to select a local non-profit organization to support. Each member then writes a cheque for $100 to benefit the chosen organization.

Until recently, the men’s and women’s groups chose their charities independently from one another. But for the first time ever 100 Women and 100 Men came together this August and jointly donated $18,000 to CityKidz!

We cannot thank the Hamilton-Wentworth 100 Who Care chapters enough for this incredible generosity. Your kindness is a windfall for us – and our kids! Major donations like this go a long way at CityKidz. They allow us to make investments in our future – like running our programs from week to week, building our new theatre – and address unexpected and unglamorous, but absolutely imperative, operating expenses like replacing a bus’s broken headlight.

Major donations allow us to realize and continue to pursue our big dream by giving us the resources to support children and youth in their pursuit of a better future.

CityKidz is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty. We are a stable force of love and support for kids from before they can read until well after they’ve written their college applications. We teach our kids that they matter, that they are loved and that they can change their future and with it, the world. Through inspirational experiences and nurturing relationships, we are increasing resiliency and inspiring big dreams, one child at a time.

We can’t thank 100 Men and 100 Women enough for their generous support of CityKidz!

Thank you!