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CityKidz Ottawa | Helping Kids Dream Big

Children who live in poverty face challenges every moment of every day. Obstacles such as lack of money for food or clothing and having to go to school with an empty stomach, will, over time, wear down even the most resilient of children, if left unchecked. Statistics tell us that children who grow up in poverty are more likely to give into feelings of hopelessness and turn to drugs, gangs or even suicide to take the pain away.  In short, they lose hope because poverty is relentless and it never takes a day off.

But there is hope!

As the Branch Manager for CityKidz Ottawa, I have the opportunity and privilege to bring faith, hope and love to children living in some very difficult situations. Each week when I visit my CityKidz kids I’m validating and reminding them that they matter, that God loves them, and that they can accomplish great things. I believe if we can keep at it long enough and consistently enough, eventually they will believe it. I also believe that it can unlock their dreams, create a sense of belonging and inspire hope. When a child has hope, a dismal outlook can change into a life with encouraging options – options that include dreaming big dreams.

Poverty may be relentless, but so are we, and so are our kids!

Inspiring our kids to dream big is something we get do each and every week at CityKidz and, this November we would like to invite you to learn more about how you, too, can make a difference in the life of our CityKidz kids. On November 12th, we will be hosting our annual Big Dream Banquet to raise awareness and funds to support the work of CityKidz Ottawa. This year, we have an amazing keynote speaker, Jim Beaulne of Primerica, who will be sharing from his heart about why he believes so much in CityKidz, and a wonderful Minstrel, Peter Tigchelaar, to entertain us throughout the night.  Both of our special guests are supporters of CityKidz and Peter has been a friend of the Hamilton branch for many years now. To learn more, and to purchase your tickets you can follow this link.

Hope has a transforming effect on all children. Hope helps a child, living in the most adverse circumstances, to dream of a life outside of poverty. Hope helps children to find that secret place within them that gives them the strength and the will to carry them through. We hope you will consider joining us on November 12th!