Smack Pie

CityKidz Ottawa | Pie Schmuck

Twas the Night Before CityKidz…

Twas the night before CityKidz and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, jackets were hung by the front door with care, to run for the CityKidz bus when it’s there.  The children all nestled snug in their beds, while visions of pie schmucks danced in their heads…..

Ah the pie schmuck!  The pinnacle of every CityKidz Playhouse where one child from the winning team gets to “schmuck” the face of the opposing team captain (usually a volunteer or junior leader) with a whipped cream pie.   Throughout the entire Playhouse time children, divided onto either the Red or Blue team, compete in creative and very fun games to get a chance to spin the wheel and score points for their team.  Game time is usually the noisiest time during the Playhouse, while children cheer their team members on to victory.  There’s usually a one minute to win it game, played by the team captains, two relay games and one game where everyone gets a chance to play. When the children are asked what they like best about CityKidz, they often declare game time and will tell you their favourite.

Not every child plays sports   It’s for these kids that CityKidz provides an opportunity to  learn all the great life lessons that team sports offer a child, such as perseverance, how to get along with others, confidence in themselves and learning to fail, to name just a few.  They may not be sporting a hockey or soccer jersey, but they still are required to work with others, be respectful and fair, humble when they win and accepting when they lose.  One of the greatest ways for a child to become resilient is for him or her to learn about failure, losing and the tools necessary to try again.  They need to learn that even though they may have failed, it doesn’t equate with who they are as a person.  When they learn this very important lesson they have the tools to go on and succeed in life.  Our kids may not be scoring a goal into a net each week, but they live for the pie schmuck; and are even learning something, in spite of all the fun they’re having.     …. Read More of the October Newsletter