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Happy Belated Canada Day!

Here in Ottawa, it’s amazing how resilient we Canadians are, considering that the line ups to get onto Parliament Hill for the Canada Day Celebrations were, in some cases, 4 hours long and stretched 6 blocks long.  But, it really was a great day, despite the rain and many people felt unified and even encouraged for our future as a nation.

And yet on June 28th, The Bawaating Water Protectors from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., arrived on Parliament Hill to erect their teepee and engage in what they called a “reoccupation” to draw attention to the history of indigenous people in Canada during the 150th birthday celebrations.  I couldn’t help but notice how these two polarizing portrayals displayed a reality about Canada that some may not want to face: we are definitely a family but a dysfunctional one… continue reading