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CityKidz Ottawa | Winter Newsletter

Little Sarah (not her real name) was impacted greatly when she participated in an object lesson at the Playhouse last November.  The lesson was about Dreaming Big and Never Giving Up.  The thrust of the message was that even when things look impossible, God is always there to help you reach your goal.

There was a high ladder on stage with a beautiful gift at the top to represent her dream and two dozen eggs before the ladder for her to walk on and not break.  The lesson began with a science experiment with Sarah; together the teacher and Sarah demonstrated to the children that  if done in a certain way, you can walk on eggs and they will not break–it really does work!!  Everyone was reminded that even when things look impossible, things are not always as they seem. She was then taken to the ladder and with the teacher’s help, climbed it to take hold of the prize near the top.  From this, we all learned that even when one is afraid God is there to help.

When preparing for the Playhouse, a Mermaid Doll from the local dollar store was chosen, and was wrapped up in metallic gold paper, adorned with a bow and placed near the top of the ladder.  As said, Sarah was chosen from the audience and did a fine job helping to demonstrate the lesson by going  through all the hazards;  she was quite amazed that she didn’t break any eggs and that she climbed the ladder to get the gift (she’s afraid of heights). But the real highlight of these few paragraphs is that, God knows Sarah’s name and loves her with a special individual love.    Because when Sarah finally unwrapped the present she had won from the top of the ladder she proclaimed:  “I’ve been wanting a doll just like this!” And she jumped in excitement.

Yes, the message that God will help her overcome the impossible will probably stay with Sarah for the rest of her life — and this would have happened regardless of the gift.  But the bigger message, that God loves Sarah and wanted to bless her with a toy that she’d been wanting, will have an even greater impact on this little girl in building her faith.


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