Volunter Open House

CityKidz Regina | Volunteer Open House

We are constantly opening up various media tools to see another report of people being hurt by gunshots, knives, and being beaten up; robberies occurring; and many other criminal activities. As I read through the comments on these posts, I see the same two comments rising. “What is happening to our city?” and” Something must be done to stop this “. Yes you are right, something must be done. And it takes a community to provide this something.

This starts at building boys and girls, not repairing men and women. At risk children must be reached early in life. As children are raised in a life of poverty, gangs, violence, and criminal activity they begin to lose hope and believe this is the only life for them. Poverty and criminal activity are linked. At CityKidz we take the time to invest into a child’s life, starting as young as five years old, we provide the resources needed to rebuild the hope that there is a better future for them. It does take time to build this trust among the children and eventually among their families, but this is an investment that is well worth it. Research has proven that when there is even just one positive adult figure in a child’s life their behavior will change significantly.

Do you want to be a part of the solution to the rising criminal activity within our city? Great, there are many children asking when they can get on the CityKidz bus and join their friends in the excitement at The Playhouse Theatre. We are waiting for people just like you to join this amazing team and together we can eliminate poverty within our city—one child at a time-….

To find out more about how you can join a CityKidz Team, and be that positive influence to one child’s life come out to:

Open House
Thursday September 29 at 7:00pm

CityKidz Playhouse Theatre (a.k.a. Zeike’s Place)
1475 Athol Street

To register go to the link below:

Donna West