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CityKidz Regina | It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

CityKidz Regina | It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

At CityKidz Regina we believe every child should have the right to have hope, the right to dream big, the right to have the image of a positive future. We know that is not always the case. Right now as I sit at my desk typing this blog from my office in North Central, just down the street is the sight of eight police cars surrounding a home. That sight is one that is all too common for the 135 children and youth that attend our Weekly Saturday Program and Thursday Youth Leadership Group. Every day, children are going to be hungry because there is no nutritional food available in the home, children are leaving for school with empty tummies, and trying to spend the day at a desk learning, wondering what or who will be at home with the get back at the end of the day.

At CityKidz we do all we can to remove any barriers that would hinder a child from attending a positive program. A program that uses games, songs, lessons, skits, and stories to help teach the children positive life value skills and inspire BIG Dreams. We do this by providing the program free of charge to all families, we also provide door-to-door transportation and provide a nutritional snack and lunch for the children. One child at a time, the dedicated team of volunteers at CityKidz build personal relationships with the children, by visiting each child right at their home every week – rain, snow, shine – nothing stops us from letting a child know how important they are. All this begins as young as 5 and continues on well into adult years. This mentoring consists of 3-5 minutes weekly during home visits, 1 hour on the bus during transportation, 90 minutes of Saturday programming and for the youth an extra 90 minutes on Thursday evening at youth group. Over a period of 12 – 15 years those hours add up.

Too many times I read comments like the following on facebook  “what has our city come to”; when will things change”. Not only our City but everywhere it is becoming a ‘me’ world, we are forgetting that it takes a community to raise a child. At CityKidz we are that community, providing the narrow path for the children to take as well as providing the mentorship, friendships, and encouragement to remain on the road of success.

I am taking this opportunity today, to invite to join this community. Want to see a change, it starts right now with you. And what a better way to start making dreams happening by winning this beautiful dollhouse for the special little girl in your life. Tickets are 1-$5 or 5-$20. Contact Donna @ 3065298656 or email at The draw will take place at our Annual Big Dreams Banquet. 2nd place is a Saskatchewan Autographed Homecoming Jersey – courtesy of Regina Pats; 3rd place is a Rider Ball Jersey – courtesy of SaskPower.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to be present when your name is drawn from the barrel?  To ensure that you can celebrate that excitement, don’t forget to get your ticket for the banquet. An amazing roast beef supper, provided by Charlotte’s Catering, opportunities to win some amazing prizes, and to hear more about how CityKidz is impacting the lives of children and youth all for the very low price of $35/each or $225/8.  Tickets available on-line Big Dreams Banquet Tickets or contacting Donna @ 306.529-8656 or

All proceeds raised from the raffle and at the banquet will go directly to impacting lives. Let’s raise strong boys and girls and help make dreams come true. Dreams like Haley you graduated from CityYouth in 2015, continued on with post-secondary education, received her Continued Care Aid Certificate and got her first part-time job as a nurse’s aid at Ranch Ehlro, or for Makayla who wants to be a scientist when she grows up, or Braiden who wishes to be a police officer. Too many times these children hear “you can’t be a police officer, you are from the hood”, “how do you expect to attend four years in university to be a scientist when more than half the people in your neighbourhood drop out of high school”. With the right mentors, the right encouragement, and learning how to do what’s right these dreams can be and will be accomplished. We are not only seeing the children dream big, but we are also hearing from parents that they are planning to go back to school, either to finish their education or pursue their career dreams.

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