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CityKidz Volunteers | Trevor Thomson

“I’m not retired, I’m re-fired.”

Since it’s National Volunteer Week, it is only appropriate that we tell you about one of our much loved office volunteers, Trevor Thomson.

Trevor is from Hamilton. He is a father to four, grandfather to seven, a husband to his wife Sylvia and a CityKidz volunteer for the past 18 years. Upon retiring from teaching in 1999, one of the things he knew he wanted to do was volunteer in his community. It was through a poster, on a community board in his church, that Trevor had seen CityKidz looking for a volunteer to roll coins. While he knew the task wasn’t quite was he was looking for, he called the CityKidz office anyway to inquire about the role … it had been filled. Nonetheless, Trevor was invited to the office to meet Executive Director, Todd Bender. From there, a friendship developed and Trevor began volunteering two hours each week, assisting Todd and supporting anyway needed to keep CityKidz running.

Fast forward to 2006, Trevor had begun volunteering full time with CityKidz as assistant to the Executive Director.

Trevor says that what has kept him at CityKidz all this time is that he has found new purpose in his life and, he is doing what he loves. While he originally had plans to be elsewhere, his new position showed that there was very little doubt that God’s calling for him was at CityKidz.  Giving meaning to his life, knowing his work is valued and allowing him to be happy are just some of the impacts that volunteering at CityKidz has on Trevor’s life. When asked how he has seen the impact that CityKidz has had on other volunteers he responded that he sees the pleasure on the faces of the volunteers, they know that their involvement is meaningful and they take pleasure in what they are doing; they receive way more than they give.

Trevor’s favourite aspect of volunteering with CityKidz is that he gets to serve gladly in his role, meeting a purpose and feel valued in doing so. He has also developed a strong, dynamic friendship with Todd as they work closely together, day in and day out. We asked Trevor what he might say to someone who is considering volunteering at CityKidz, but maybe isn’t sure where they would fit, or what they could do. His response was that there are tons of different things to do and roles to be filled; those who are looking to volunteer should ask themselves what it is that is going to give their life meaning, and to only stay if you are being rewarded.

This week local organization, Volunteer Hamilton, who ‘engages the community through volunteerism, collective leadership, and education’ held the Hamilton Community Builder Awards ceremony, honouring those who have made an impact in their community from a variety of sectors. Trevor was nominated by a few CityKidz staff and received the award for the Children & Youth sector! When asked what winning this award meant to Trevor, he said that while he does not like to be on display, he felt appreciated and recognized and that he was thrilled that family members and friends were able to attend the award ceremony alongside some of his CityKidz colleagues.

We are so unbelievably proud of Trevor and appreciative of everything he does for CityKidz. Thank you Trevor!


If you are looking to get involved or have any questions about volunteering with CityKidz, do not hesitate to let us know! Email us at or give us a call 905-544-3996 X225