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Delivering Hope

The pandemic took so many things from our kids, but because of your continued support, CityKidz was not one of them.

Thank you.

Though we’ve had to modify all our programs to deliver them in ways that are safe and socially distanced, people like you in the CityKidz community have made it possible for us to continue meeting our kids where they are with faith, hope and love.

Read on to see what that has looked like.

It could not have been a more perfect autumn day. The sun was out and the temperature was perfect for cozy sweaters. Perfect.

Gathering (at a distance) together in the CityKidz parking lot with a dozen volunteers and staff, the energy was high and, though you couldn’t see it through masks, it was clear that everyone’s mouths were tugged wide with smiles.

Forming a big circle together, Brenda, our KinderKidz coordinator, led the group with encouraging words to start their day.

“A lot of kids are facing really tough times but today we’re bringing them hope. We’re bringing games and lunch, of course, but we’re also bringing hope. By being present, being reliable, being there. By showing up, we’re bringing hope.”

And with those inspiring words, the teams set off across the city to do just that.


Hope was delivered in backpacks and birthday presents…

… in balloon animals and magic tricks.

Hope came in games and dances.

It was shared with pizza and snacks.

It shone through our kids smiles and into our hearts!

Thank you so much for being part of our CityKidz community and for making special moments of hope like this possible all autumn long!

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