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Drive a Bus at CityKidz!

‘The nicest thing happened to me today. I was in Giant Tiger with my CityKidz toque on and a woman looked at me, threw her arms around me and just kept hugging me. Her sister’s 3 children and new baby got beautiful Christmas gifts and go to CityKidz all the time. She was telling everyone how great CityKidz is and that the kids were entertained, fed and always picked up and brought home on time. I was so proud to be part of CityKidz.’

– Beverely, Bus Driver


We talk a lot about the impact that CityKidz has on our kids as they attend program sessions almost weekly, but the impact doesn’t start when the session starts in the theatre and the impact is not just seen in our kids.

The impact of CityKidz starts when our bus teams gather before their sessions, making sure the buses have been checked and are safe to go. The impact starts when our devoted bus drivers climb into the drivers seat of their bus, put on their seatbelt, check their mirrors and turn the key in the ignition.

That’s when the impact starts.

But like I said, it’s not just seen in our kids; our bus drivers are on a mission, every Saturday, every Wednesday evening and through the summer to make sure that every child and youth is transported to and from their program, safely, on time, and having a great time all the while. And while it might seem like your average bus ride from point A to point B and back, it is certainly anything but average.

Speaking with any CityKidz bus driver you will learn that your bus team and route becomes your family, as you bond with your bus captain and co-captains, as you see the faces of the children light up as you pull up to their home, as you hear about the best part of their week, and sing (or scream) songs along with them.
And Hamilton knows; they know what the big red bus means, and what it represents.

You can have an impact on our CityKidz, by simply helping our 3 year old tots up to our 12 year old veterans get to their CityKidz program on Saturdays, or our 13 to 18 year old super-cool youth make it to their CityYouth program on Wednesday evening, or even giving kids the gift of simply getting to summer camp for the first time this summer. But we hope you know that while you’re preparing to make an impact on a child’s life, they will definitely have an impact on yours too, in the best way possible.

We hope you will consider joining a route and being the reason a child gets to experience CityKidz.

If you are interested in getting your bus license, and driving for CityKidz, email volunteer@citykidz.ca or give us a call at (905) 544-3996 ext. 225 or click here to get started!