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Health Information And Resources For CityKidz Community During Coronavirus Outbreak

With lots of misinformation swirling about on social media in particular, we believe it is important to get your information about coronavirus from a reliable source.

For information about COVID-19, it’s symptoms, risks, how to protect yourself, what the government is doing and other critical information, it’s best to rely on the following sources:

All of these institutions recommend frequent hand-washing and practicing social distancing as the most effective ways to protect yourself and prevent the spread of the disease.

* Public Health Ontario has the following message if you are concerned that you may have been exposed to, or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (coronavirus):

“Please start by visiting the Ministry of Health website and taking their self-assessment. Please do not visit a COVID-19 assessment centre unless you have symptoms. Do not call 911 unless it is an emergency.”

Mental Health is Important Too!

With all the uncertainty of the constantly changing and escalating outbreak, it’s natural to feel some stress and anxiety. You may worry about your health and your loved ones’ health as well as your employment and finances.

This stress may lead to changes in your sleep, eating or concentrating, or even increased used of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.

Here are some things you can try do to support your mental health:

  • Connect with your support network. Being physically isolated doesn’t mean you need to be socially isolated. Talk with those you love and trust about how you feel.
  • Limit your news intake (especially from social media). You can remain informed without overwhelming yourself with constant updates.
  • Look after your body. Try to eat healthy, exercise, bathe and sleep
  • Stay active. It’s tempting to kick back and passively binge watch everything on Netflix, but try to make time for activities that you love but require your focus (i.e. drawing, reading a book, doing a puzzle)

Seek professional support. You are not alone. If you are having a mental health crisis, below are some 24-hour crisis lines you can call for support:

Barrett Centre for Mental Health Crisis Support: 905-529-7878 or 1-844-777-3571
Coast Hamilton: 905-972-8338 or 1-844-972-8338

Additionally, the Lost Organization is a free, accessible, drop-in centre dedicated to the maintenance of good mental health.

Are you trapped at home with your abuser?

Below are several 24-hour domestic abuse crisis lines in Hamilton:

Good Shepherd Martha House: 905-523-6277
Native Women’s Centre: 905-664-1114 or 1-888-308-6559
Interval House: 905-387-8881


Take care of yourselves and look out for one another!

Click Here for information about CityKidz’ response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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