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Making A Worthy Difference

Craig and Coleen first learned about CityKidz through a friend and, after attending one of our Big Dream Banquets, they were motivated to put their big hearts into action.

“We marvel at the whole idea,” says Coleen.

Coleen had grown up in the North End of the city. She had a happy childhood, but remembers even as a child recognizing that there were many families struggling in her community. Now, as an adult, she’s seen how the cycle of poverty can hurt families for generations.

“When you’re in it, it’s hard to see outside of it,” says Coleen, “but CityKidz makes sure that those kids have a role model and don’t feel like they’re alone.”

Craig and Coleen identified with CityKidz’ values of faith, hope and love and believed in our model of transforming lives through nurturing personal relationships and inspirational experiences.

“We see that CityKidz works so to us, giving makes sense,” says Craig, “we consider it a responsibility to invest in our community and we want to make a worthy difference.”

Over the last 15 years, The Bushes have given nearly $25,000 to support CityKidz programs! Their support has helped to shine light into thousands of children’s lives by providing warm meals, safe transportation and exciting, interactive programs.

In addition to donating a portion of their referral commissions as realtors to CityKidz, Craig and Coleen are committed to spreading the word about our organization through their monthly and quarterly newsletters and encouraging others to get to know us and support our work.

Thank you so much to Craig and Coleen for your generous and enthusiastic support of CityKidz’ work. Thank you for believing in your community and investing in the children who promise it a hopeful future.

CityKidz relies on the financial support of businesses and organizations in the community to run programs that serve vulnerable Hamilton children. Join Craig and Coleen and dozens of other business owners in our community to invest in a future free of child poverty!

To find out more about how you and your business can support CityKidz email

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