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Story Of Hope: Edith’s Family

Story of Hope: Edith’s Family

It was early 2014 when Edith decided to move. She and her five kids were living in Kingston but found it lonely there. She had no other family there and felt no real sense of community.

“I was so alone in Kingston,” remembers Edith, “my auntie lived here so we moved.”

In Hamilton, Edith was closer to family but still feeling isolated. Keeping five – soon to be six – kids busy on a Saturday was not without its challenges. She wanted to give her children a chance to get out of the house, out of the neighbourhood, make new friends, have fun.

It was Edith’s aunt that introduced her to CityKidz. She came down to our office and got information for Edith.

“It seemed like a good thing,” says Edith.

At the very least, she figured, it would give her an hour or two to herself – no small luxury with six kids keeping her on her feet around the clock.

But CityKidz turned out to be more than just a few hours for Edith to do laundry in peace. It was something she’d moved all the way to Hamilton to find. CityKidz was community. It was family. It was home.

“The kids have fun. They come back happy. They like to meet new friends. I would be so happy if CityKidz could go every week, it makes them so happy,” says Edith.

“The youngest ones already want to volunteer. I would like them to help CityKidz so that more kids can have the opportunity [to attend the program].”

CityKidz Saturday may not run every week, but Home Visits do. Every week, Susan comes knocking – often with sweet treats – to say hi and connect with Edith and the kids.

“They’re such a loving family,” says Susan, “they all come to the door when I come by. I love each of those children in their own special way. We are blessed to have this family in our community.”

We are also so blessed to have you in our CityKidz community! Supporters like you are what make the programs Edith and her family love so much possible. Thank you!

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