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CityKidz’ Youth Mentorship Programs

CityKidz’ Youth Mentorship Programs

We’re always striving to reach just one more child. Once we’ve reached them, we’ll never give up. Teenage years can be difficult. So we want to show our youth our continued love and support as they develop into caring and mature adults. Our two youth mentorship programs, CityYouth and Roadmap to Dreams, allow us to do just that.


This Wednesday evening program for youth ages 12 to 15 emphasizes faith, leadership and lifestyle. Above all, it’s a chance for teens to connect in a safe and supportive environment.

CityYouth builds on the relationships forged in CityKidz to demonstrate our continued love and support for kids we have often known for years.

With a focus on developing and practicing leadership skills, CityYouth encourages its participants to serve their communities. At CityYouth, teens explore topics like identity, wisdom, faith and relationships.

Mentors work with youth in small groups to work through the challenges in their lives and celebrate their achievements. This guidance and support helps youth grow into caring, resilient and mature young adults.


Roadmap to Dreams

Developed by John Mogford, a long- time friend and volunteer of CityKidz, Roadmap is a mentorship program for 16 to 17-year-old CityYouth graduates. The program gives youth the skills, tools and strategies they need to transform their dreams into reality.

Roadmap was initiated in 2014 with the ambitious goal of helping our teens develop a path forward to achieving their dreams. The program helps them develop self-confidence, self-awareness, leadership and communication skills through mentorship, teamwork and hands-on experiences.

Roadmaps to Dreams

Interventions of Hope

At CityKidz, we’ve seen incredible youth facing heartbreaking circumstances come into our mentorship sessions to share, unload, laugh and learn. We’ve seen them grow and mature into capable and motivated young adults. We’ve seen fragile young souls take strength from their struggle and find hope in the midst of their hardship.

Teen years are a critical time to intervene in the cycle of poverty. It’s a time when kids can either build the internal capacities they need to transform their lives or fall victim to poverty’s burdens.

Research has shown that positive, healthy relationships with supportive adult figures are the most effective buffers against the stresses, pressures and deprivations that come with poverty. They give teens a reprieve from the struggles of their home or neighbourhood, model a positive alternative lifestyle and empower them with the tools they need to pursue it.

How You Can Help

Right now, we need your support to help keep these two life-changing programs running.

Thanks to the amazing talent and commitment of our volunteer mentors, we are able to keep costs down for both CityYouth and Roadmap to Dreams. But we still need your financial support to provide 23 weeks of door-to-door transportation, warm meals and a safe space for hundreds of at-risk youth from all over the city.

Your gift – whatever size – will make a tremendous difference! Thank you!


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