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Care Kits are filled with practical resources and fun activities to help ease a CityKidz family’s financial hardship and bring a little extra fun and hope into their lives.

For low-income families, making ends meet can become an all-consuming challenge that leaves little space for anything else, including rest, healing, and hope.

Together, we can show children and families that they are not forgotten, that they are known and loved. By supporting children and families with the resources they need, they can begin to move beyond day-to-day survival towards hope, planning and possibility.

Each Care Kit comes packed with:

School Supplies

Fun Activities

Healthy Food

Grocery Gift Cards

Covid-19 Safety Essentials

Feminine Hygiene Kit


Covers all the school supplies and fun activities for a CityKidz Care Kit.


Purchases healthy food and a grocery gift certificate for one of our kits.


Provides an overflowing Care Kit for a Hamilton Family in need.

Our hope is to fulfil practical needs, remind families that they are loved and create more time for faith, hope, love, and family.

Every year, we give our oldest KinderKidz a special teddy bear to celebrate their graduation from the program.

As we were handing off a teddy bear, along with several lunch packs, to one KinderKidz graduate, Louise*, we had the chance to chat a bit with her mother, Judith. Through our conversation, Judith explained that she was so relieved for the lunches. Her kitchen was empty and she didn’t know if they’d have any other food through the weekend.

Heartbroken by her situation, we knew we had to help. Thankfully we had an extra Care Kit on hand. It was full of food, a grocery gift card, kid-friendly activities, and all kinds of other treats and daily essentials that could provide a little support to get them through the weekend.

With your support, we can help 100 more families like Louise and Judith’s get through tough times and feel a sense hope and possibility for the future.

Want to know more? Here’s what else you need to know!

Families with children who are currently registered as CityKidz program participants and who have been nominated by their route captain are eligible to receive a Care Kit.


Our goal this fall is to raise $20,000 so that we can provide 100 CityKidz families with a personalized Care Kit.


Yes. All gifts over $10 will receive a tax receipt in early 2022. If you require a tax receipt before this time, please contact

Your privacy is very important to us. So have no fear, the simple answer is “no.” No, we do not trade, sell, or otherwise share your information with any other charity or organization. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

We are honoured by your generosity and trust. We take seriously our responsibility to use your investments efficiently and in ways that make a demonstrable difference in the lives of the children we serve. 85.3% of all donations go directly to programs and new projects (like the Care Kits). The rest we use to cover the operating expenses – including building, transportation, fundraising, and administrative expenses – necessary to bring our programs to life. For more information, please read our Financial Statements.

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Whatever your time, whatever your talents, you can make a transformative difference in a child’s life.

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