Attend CityKidz 25th Anniversary Showcase Celebration!

“I remember when I was growing up with CityKidz there was Todd and Angie,
and one specific volunteer: Helen. She really inspired me. Despite what I’m going through,
I can be happy, and find hope in life. That I can do great things.”
Kanisius, Past CityKidz Attendee

“It helps Dylan know the true meaning of love and believe in God’s good will,
be positive and believe in himself. He enjoys being with the team leader and getting into the show.
Someday Dylan would like to be a leader.”
CityKidz Parent

“I send my daughter because she loves to go on the BIG RED BUS
and she is able to play with other children and socialize.”

CityKidz Parent

“I like the idea there is a program out there that cost no money to single parents and both parents,
that children can go play games, sign and do things with other children for a couple of hours.”
CityKidz Parent

“Seeing the program first hand, I didn’t realize to what degree
I have been blessed until watching the children.”

Wendy, Child Sponsor

“I grew up in Hamilton many years ago and as a child, I would have benefited
from such a program so I want to help a child get those benefits.”

Jean, Child Sponsor

“You truly are an amazing organization.
You have made my children’s Christmas so wonderful
and I thank you from the bottom of my hear.”

Diane, Mother of CityKidz Attendees

“CityKidz builds life-changing impact in the local community.”
Robert Snyder, Vice President for Hadrian Manufacturing Inc. & Child Sponsor

“Without CityKidz I wouldn’t be where I am today because
they gave me the positive outlook that I needed.”

Kaylee, Past CityKidz Attendee

“My favourite part is the treehouse part and the Superhero part.”
Demacco, Age 9

Yasin, Age 8

“My favourite part of the new theatre is the atmosphere and painted and designed walls.”
Nicholas, Age 9

“I love all the activities in CityKidz.”
Nusaiba, Age 12

“My favourite part of CityKidz is songs. Because I Like to dance and sing.”
Aliya, Age 8

“I love everything when I come to CityKidz I feel Happy!”
Francess, Age 12

What is the CityKidz Big Dream Showcase?

The Big Dream Showcase is a chance to celebrate all the incredible children, families, volunteers, supporters and wider community that have been part of the CityKidz story.

It’s a chance for us to all get to know each other better as we share our stories, as well as our vision for the future. We hope you will be inspired to continue with us on this journey to bring an end to child poverty.

At the Showcase, interactive exhibits will take you on a journey through the life of a child from a low-income household and show you how interventions of faith, hope and love can transform lives. Amazing youth will give you confidence in a bright future for our city. And tasty tapas and treats will refresh you as you get a taste of the unique CityKidz experience in our new Studio Theatre.

What does 25 years mean to CityKidz?

Our 25th anniversary provides a beautiful moment to celebrate all the people, challenges and opportunities that have brought us to where we are today: supporting nearly 2,000 children between the ages of three and 17 with inspirational experiences, nurturing relationships and messages of faith, hope and love so that they can break the cycle of poverty.

What comes next?

For 25 years, CityKidz has been inspiring big dreams and transforming lives, one child at a time. The past beats like a second heart inside us. It gives us strength and empower us with faith, hope and to continue striving to always reach one more child.

We’ve got big dreams for our next 25 years, and we look forward to sharing them with you and inviting you to be part of the real and positive changes that are happening in our communities.



Operation Christmas Compassion (the forerunner to Gift of Christmas) is launched and CK distributed 300 stockings.



Todd and Tina buy the Playhouse theatre, the space that will become the home of CityKidz for the next 20 years.



CityKidz premiers its spring season in the new Studio Theatre.