little girl eats banana fall food appeal

Every week at CityKidz, 1,600 children and youth attend our programming. And every week, children come to our programming with empty bellies and worried expressions. These kids are hungry. Their pantries are empty and their growing bodies never have enough to eat.

Our children are so grateful to have a warm meal to eat when they attend our programs.

You can be the reason they receive a nourishing meal, snacks and something to drink during our Saturday sessions.

Just $50 can feed 20 children during a Saturday session!

We provide each child with hearty meals like chicken wraps and nutritious snacks of yogurt, apples and granola bars.

Your donation is what makes this possible.

Your support means that, instead of worrying about a growing grumble in their bellies, kids can focus on all the fun and excitement of CityKidz’ inspirational programming.