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$25 provides a CityKidz family with a nourishing meal kit filled with all the fresh and non-perishable ingredients needed to make a wholesome, balanced meal plus lots of extra activities treats and surprises.

Putting food on the table has long been a challenge for many parents in our community. And now, with rapidly rising prices at grocery stores, food insecurity is increasing for families who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Family Meal Kits are a monthly initiative to help address the growing food insecurity, as well as financial and emotional stress facing many CityKidz children and families.




1 in 8

Hamilton households struggle to put food on the table.


Provides two families with a meal kit filled with all the ingredients to prepare a wholesome meal together.



Delivers a nourishing meal kit to a CityKidz family every month this spring.

A Gift of Your Choice

Supports vulnerable children with the nutrition they need to live healthy, active lives.

While our first priority is feeding hungry children, we know that sharing a meal is about more than calories and nutrition. It’s about a community of incredible people coming together to care for one another. It’s a chance for parents to have a little less stress, and enjoy more carefree time with their kids – even if just for an evening.

“I can’t work right now because of my back injury,” says Andrea, “but even if I was fine, there’s no one to look after the kids.”

Andrea is a single mom raising three wonderful children between the ages of three and 13. Caring for her kids is her full-time job. They all have bright smiles and hopeful eyes. They also all have significant developmental delays, learning disabilities or health conditions that require constant support and attention from Andrea.

With almost no support network, Andrea is pulled thin in all directions. Putting food on the table should be the least of her worries. And yet it is a constant one.

“It’s a struggle,” says Andrea. “After taking care of the bills and food there’s nothing left for the kids – for birthdays, Christmas, nothing – and even then the cupboard is almost empty.”

“After taking care of the bills and food there's nothing left for the kids”

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Each Family Meal Kit contains:

  • All the fresh and non-perishable ingredients needed to make a wholesome, balanced meal
  • Activity sheets to engage children throughout the meal preparation process
  • A few surprise trinkets like stickers and buttons to spark a little extra joy

Our goal is to provide 650 CityKidz families with 3 meal kits each this spring. That’s 1,950 meal kits!

Family Meal Kits are available to families with children who are currently registered in CityKidz programs. We are, unfortunately, unable to support external requests for nutritional support at this time.

The Food Access Guide is a comprehensive list of places in Hamilton where health and social service providers can refer clients to receive free or low-cost food.


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We are honoured by your generosity and trust. We take seriously our responsibility to use your investments efficiently and in ways that make a demonstrable difference in the lives of the children we serve. 85.3% of all donations go directly to programs and new projects (like the Family Meal Kits). The rest we use to cover the operating expenses – including building, transportation, fundraising, and administrative expenses – necessary to bring our programs to life. For more information, please read our Financial Statements.

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