COVID-19 Programming

Not even a global pandemic can stop us from reaching out with faith, hope and love.


We decided early on that, rather than focus on the growing list of things we could no longer do, we wanted to search for silver linings and devote all our efforts to the things we could do to connect with and celebrate your children.

Below are the programs we were able to adapt to continue connecting with your kids through the pandemic, as well as new initiatives we launched to meet the unique needs and circumstances brought on by COVID-19.

Continuing Programs

Happy child receiving gifts

Home Visits

We have continued Home Visits throughout the pandemic whenever health and safety restrictions allow. During weeks and months when it is not safe to knock on doors, our volunteers take time each week to call you and your kids to check in and offer any support they can.

During our in-person visits, we now share stories, deliver lunches, celebrate birthdays and graduations and so much more to bring the CityKidz experience right to your front doors.

City youth

CityYouth & Roadmaps to Dreams

Both our youth mentorship programs have moved online to weekly Zoom meetings where your youth can connect with peers and mentors, talk through their challenges, support one another, play games, and take on team challenges.

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Big Red Bus Online

As so much of the world moved online in 2020, so did we.

Big Red Bus Online is our online spot for you and your kids to play, connect, and stay up to date with everything happening at CityKidz. Big Red Bus Online is a fun, welcoming space where your kids can interact with CityKidz online through games, videos, contests, and other activities. It is also a place where you can find information about our programs and their schedule.

Family meal kits

Family Meal Kits

We now deliver monthly Family Meal Kits to all our participants’ homes. Each kit contains a recipe and all the fresh and non-perishable ingredients for a wholesome, balanced meal you and your kids can prepare and enjoy together.

Operation birthday child

Operation Birthday Child

Without our in-person Saturday programs, we are now celebrating your kids’ birthdays by bringing a present and sweet treat right to your front doors and by sharing a special birthday video online.

Gift of Christmas

Gift of Christmas

Instead of having your kids come together for a meal at our theatres, we will now be delivering a special box to each family filled with games and snacks you can all enjoy together. Kids also get to watch a special, interactive Christmas Spectacular show on YouTube. And of course, we will deliver a personalized gift to each child in time for Christmas.

Education fund

Education Fund

With the help of the Weston Family Foundation, we continue to support our program graduates with scholarships for their post-secondary education.

Health & Safety at CityKidz

The health and safety of your kids and our community is our primary concern. Based on the direction of Public Health Ontario and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, we have prepared policies that will keep you and your kids, as well as our volunteers, staff, and community safe. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Laura Carmichael, Associate Executive Director at or 905-544-3996 ext. 212. 

Volunteers Transform Lives

Whatever your time, whatever your talents, you can make a transformative difference in a child’s life.

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