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When you raise funds for CityKidz, we can continue delivering exciting, interactive, educational, and inspiring programs to children, provide youth with meaningful mentorship, nurture supportive personal relationships, and recruit and train the volunteers who administer these life-changing programs.

Small Actions,
Big Impact

While CityKidz is fortunate and grateful to receive funding from corporate, foundation and individual donors, we also rely on the generous support and creativity of people like you.

You are welcome to direct the funds you raise towards a specific CityKidz program, or you can let us apply the funds where they are most needed. Either way, the money you raise will make a difference in the lives of Hamilton children and youth!

Getting Started

Getting your fundraiser started is the hardest part. Good thing the Facebook Giving tool makes the process as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Sign up using the Facebook Giving Tool.
  2. Ask your friends and family to participate.
  3. Celebrate all the funds you raised for CityKidz!
Gift of Christmas

Looking for inspiration?

The things you, your friends and coworkers can do to raise money for CityKidz are almost limitless. These inspiring folks prove it.

Golf tournament
Host a Golf Tournament Like David and James.
corporate donation
Match your employees’ gifts like Grant Thornton LLP.
Donate your Birthday like Brenda.
CityKidz toy drive
Wash cars, sell lemonade or host a toy drive like Pippa.

Corporate donation from Sandman Hotel
Donate a portion of proceeds from your business like Sandman Hotels.
Collect pledges as you roll, run or walk a race like Wendy.

Ready to Get Started?

However you decide to raise funds for CityKidz, know that your time, talents, and generosity will help to bring life-changing programs to vulnerable children in your community. It will nurture faith, hope and love in their communities, their homes, and their hearts.

Whatever you do, we want your fundraiser to be a success. Here are some resources to help you launch your fundraiser and achieve your goal:

For more information and support with your fundraiser, contact Erica Goddard at or 905-544-3996 ext. 205.

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Volunteers Transform Lives

Whatever your time, whatever your talents, you can make a transformative difference in a child’s life.

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