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Drive a Bus

It’s true: when asked what their favourite thing about CityKidz is, children almost always say it’s riding the “Big Red Bus.”  Without buses — and the drivers to drive them — our children would never get to experience CityKidz and be transformed.

What does it take to drive a bus for CityKidz?

To operate a CityKidz bus the Ministry of Transportation requires a B or C class license. This enables you to drive any regular bus (not a yellow school bus) with designed capacity for more than 24 passengers. To do this, you must be 25 years of age or older, and have a valid, non-probationary driver’s license. CityKidz bus drivers also need to have a good driving record and be serious about safety. (It probably goes without saying that it helps that you’re as crazy about kids as we are!) Lastly, be sure to check your schedule; are you available to volunteer to drive for CityKidz at least twice each month on Saturday for a minimum of 4 hours? If so, great!

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