Big Dreams start with a full belly. Help nourish a child’s full potential.


Unfortunately for so many kids, food insecurity and hunger are cruel and familiar realities.

On any given weekend, thousands children in our city go hungry. Many of these children attend CityKidz Saturday programs. We know this because we see it in their worried eyes, hear it in their growling bellies and anxious voices asking us as they arrive: What are we eating today?

These children are so grateful to have something filling to eat every time they attend CityKidz.

At all of our programs, children are greeted with a meal, snacks and something to drink.

But with this meal they receive so much more than just food. With every bite, they know that someone cares, that they matter and that they are loved. Sharing a meal with our CityKidz allows us to build a nurturing community of trust, generosity, and hope.

It’s wonderful people like you who make it possible for us to share a meal with all children who attend our programs.

CityKidz’ fall season is starting soon and over 1,600 children and youth will be attending every week. We need your help to ensure their bellies are full so that each child has the opportunity to thrive, dream big and reach their full potential.

Just $40 will feed one child from any CityKidz program they attend through to June. That’s just $2.50 per meal.

Donate Today!

Your donation provides hungry children with the nourishment they need to dream big and reach their full potential!