Helping kids? It’s logical!

We are committed to improving the lives of children who are living in poverty. There’s nothing we won’t do and no place we won’t go in search of the one child who needs us.

There’s real method to our apparent madness and it’s a finely tuned, proprietary CityKidz Logic Model. This guides everything we say and think and do.

In simple terms, it looks like this:

1. We discern God’s lead.

We’re ever mindful that we’re doing God’s work, not our own. We’re responding to a call to meet the needs of vulnerable, at-risk children wherever they may be. In discerning God’s lead we immerse ourselves in prayer and contemplation. We open our doors to churches who see CityKidz as their mission field.

2. We develop relationships and build great programs.

Programs including CityKidz Saturdays, KinderKidz, CityYouth and Jr. Leadership are some of the many ways we connect with kids week after week… after week for years and years… and years! Supporting all of these great activities are our weekly home visits, which is the way we create, develop and sustain authentic relationships with children, their families and the communities where they live. We do this for the long term; through thick and thin. There are no quick fixes. Change takes time.

3. We quantify and qualify our success on an ongoing basis.

We practice evidence based research by tracking all sorts of outputs, outcomes and program goals:

  • We track faith outcomes
  • We track resiliency outcomes
  • We track well-being outcomes

We leave nothing to chance. We consider not just individual kids; we look at the communities where they live, too. You can read all about these outcomes in our most recent CityKidz Impact Report.