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CityKidz Saturday

Ages 6 to 12

CityKidz Saturday is more than just a kids’ program, it’s a life-changing experience!

From the moment children step onto the big red bus until they arrive safe and sound back home, CityKidz Saturday is an experience where our kids feel safe, cared for and loved unconditionally. Our state-of-the-art Studio Theatre is a place where we feed their minds and their souls with wonderful songs and stories, and where we also feed their hungry tummies with a nutritious snack, a meal and something to drink.

For CityKidz Saturday, our Studio Theatre becomes a magical place where dreams take flight and children are free to soar above their hardships into a world without fear, without poverty and without limits.

This program is so amazing that children can’t help but be filled with joy. Here, children come to understand God’s grace, feel God’s unconditional love, and get a glimpse of God’s purpose for their lives.

Through CityKidz Saturday children come to believe that:

  • God loves them and has a plan for their lives
  • we love them and care what happens to them
  • it’s great to be a kid, and okay to have fun
  • when presented with a choice they should always do what’s right
  • they can dream BIG dreams!

At CityKidz, our hope is to instil positive values in the children we care for and to create strong moral foundations to support their dreams and aspirations. We believe God has a plan and a destiny for each child. Through CityKidz Saturday we inspire children to dream beyond their circumstances in order that one day they will reach their full potential.

CityKidz Saturday is meant to facilitate large groups of children aged 6 to 11 years. The program seasons runs from September to December and March to June each year. In Hamilton, three programs run each Saturday whereas in Ottawa and Regina, cities where CityKidz is still relatively new, one program currently runs each Saturday.

During the off-season, the CityKidz cast and crew work hard to prepare and practice the very best Saturday experience possible for the children. For over 25 years we have been refining and improving this process so that we can create an entertaining, meaningful and highly effective experience that both imparts and instills lasting values in children.

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