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Home Visits

All ages

Home visits provide us with the opportunity to better get to know each and every child.

Although we visit well over 1,600 kids each week, CityKidz home visits are all about “the one.” Home visits provide us with the opportunity to better get to know each and every child who attends our Saturday programs.

Each home visit area is managed by a core team of volunteers who come to know the communities as well as they know their own. In essence, these closely knit teams become the friends, mentors and teachers for the children and their families for years to come.

Typically, a team consists of a Captain, Co-Captain, two members, and two Jr. Leaders. Collectively, the team visits 50–90 children.

A home visit consists of two team members stopping briefly at each child’s home, connecting with their families and informing the kids of what they can look forward to when they attend the next CityKidz Saturday session.

Visiting children in their homes provides us with the unique opportunity to build relationships, to role model the truths and beliefs we teach, and to truly demonstrate that we care. When opportunities permit, we are often able to assist with whatever physical, emotional, mental or spiritual needs the children or their families may have, and we’re more than happy to connect them to programs and services they may not otherwise know about or feel intimidated to approach without some support.

Commitment and consistency are keys to our success. The combination of the Saturday programs and weekly personal home visits by the same loving volunteers is what builds firm, faithful foundations into the lives of the children we serve. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that in Hamilton, our core volunteer base is largely made up of youth and young adults who themselves attended CityKidz programs and received weekly home visits.

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