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Jr. Leadership

Ages 12 to 15

Designed to mentor and train adolescents as leaders through hands-on experiences

The Jr. Leadership Program consists of former CityKidz Saturday participants who have reached the age of twelve and have made a commitment to give back to their community.

Each Jr. Leader is assigned to a CityKidz volunteer team under the direction of a team captain. Once assigned, they serve and are mentored by their Team Captain and their fellow Team Members. During the Saturday season, Jr. Leaders learn through hands-on experience what it takes to be a true servant leader.

To become a Jr. Leader, youth (ages 12 to 15) must exhibit a basic level of maturity, have attended one season of CityYouth, and completed the Jr. Leadership application process which includes both orientation and further training.

Jr. Leaders and other “graduates” of the CityKidz program make up nearly 40% of our volunteer base.

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