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KinderKidz Saturday

Ages 3 to 5

KinderKidz is a special place where young children feel safe and loved.

KinderKidz is a unique program for our children ages three to five. It has all the excitement and magic of our CityKidz Saturday program, but it’s geared to the young hearts and minds of the pre-schoolers.

KinderKidz is a place where children’s imaginations are joyously filled to overflowing. At KinderKidz, they learn that they can dream BIG dreams; that God created them in love; that through Him all things are possible; and that they are special.

The KinderKidz program is which is filled with songs, stories, puppets and games that help young children understand what good choices are and what doing the right thing means. KinderKidz brings the enthusiasm of our younger children to a space where they can experience the joy that plants the seeds of hope for their future.

With this special foundation in place, most of our KinderKidz graduate to the CityKidz Saturday program once they turn six.

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