Summer to Remember

All ages

Help CityKidz provide hundreds of kids with amazing, week-long summer camp experiences.

$45 can send 1 child, $90 can send 2, and $135 can send 3 children to camp! Donate now.

Life-changing, memory-making experiences.

Summer—perhaps more than any other season—has the potential to provide experiences that produce life-changing moments and long-lasting memories. School’s out, the sun is shining bright, and the warm weather invites children to experience all summer has to offer: swimming, playing, exploring and even goofing off!

However, for many of our CityKidz kids it just means two very long and boring months until school begins again. That’s because most of our CityKidz families just don’t have the financial resources or mobility to provide them with the opportunities for their children to escape the urban jungle.

Summer to Remember works alongside local camps and activity centres to provide children with the opportunity for new, life-changing, memory-making experiences.