Big Dreams Start with a Full Belly!

Your support ensures every CityKidz program starts with a meal and ends with hope. 

Every weekend, up to 2,000 children in our city go hungry. Many of these kids attend our programs. 

They tell us they’re hungry, that they haven’t had anything to eat. That’s why sharing a meal has been a core feature of our programming for over 30 years. 

At CityKidz, children love to receive their lunch bag filled with nutritious and delicious food.  Each meal is planned with our kids in mind, striving to provide a balance of nutrition and delight.

A gift of $50 will give a child:

  • A full lunch at every CityKidz Saturday program this season 
  • A full belly so they can engage with our life-changing programs and focus on just being a carefree kid

What’s in a CityKidz lunch bag?

Lunches include items like: cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit, vegetables, chocolate milk, turkey bites & a treat.


Feeds a child at every CityKidz Saturday program they attend this fall. 

Gives two children a meal every time they attend CityKidz programs this fall. 

Will provide nourishing meals to hungry children attending CityKidz programs. 

Your gift will help ensure that all CityKidz children have a nourishing meal every time they come to one of our programs. It will ensure vulnerable children have a full belly and that their parents get a small, but much-needed, financial reprieve. 

Imagine a bright Saturday morning where children wake up with excitement, eager to learn, grow, and engage in a world of possibilities. This magical transformation into reality is precisely what the CityKidz Saturday program achieves for hundreds of children in our community.

While CityKidz Saturdays bring children hope and endless possibility, there are children burdened with challenges that no child should ever have to face.  These children come to CityKidz seeking not only an escape from their difficult lives but also an opportunity to flourish.

“My kids have had a hard life. I feel like my kids are suffering sometimes because things are so expensive”, says Sarah*, a resilient single mom of 3 children, all of whom are embraced by CityKidz’ programs.

“I can make something from nothing. I make my own bread, my own sauces, but if I don’t have basic ingredients, it’s hard to make things. School is a real issue for us because of snacks and snacks are what kids like.”

“I do go to food banks, but they go by appointment and food banks are not open on weekends. For [the] working poor, there’s not many options”, adds Sarah.

When Sarah’s kids attend CityKidz’ programs, she knows they are being fed. The food is nutritious and it’s also food that her kids enjoy. “You can always trust CityKidz and that they’re actually going to take care of your kids when they go there”, says Sarah.

CityKidz’ Saturday Program is more than just a place for children to gather or a place to get a meal; it’s a place where children discover their potential, learn life skills, and receive the sustenance their growing bodies and minds need.



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