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Pay it forward.  That is a motto Cory has followed since he left North Central Regina at the age of 15.  Life was not easy growing up.  Poverty, alcoholism, neglect, etc. were all issues Cory is awfully familiar with.  Education and community service became the focus of Cory’s choice to live a better life.

Cory has a 4-year B.A. from the University of Regina and is currently working on an MBA through Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School.  He has also completed several financial planning designations and two certificates in bookkeeping.  Cory believes education was his key to a better life and encourages all young people to invest in themselves.

Cory is a Director of the Regina Eastview Rotary Club and has past community service with Regina Region Victim Services (R.C.M.P.) and St. John Ambulance where he received the Order of St. John (SBStJ) in 1997.  The opportunity to be on the Board of Citykidz is something Cory does not take for granted and looks forward to the opportunity to give back to the community he once lived in.

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