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Meet Our 2019 Summer To Remember Staff

All summer we’ve been posting photos of CityKidz’ adventures at summer camp in our social media. Now, with only a few days of summer vacation left, we thought it was about time that we introduce to you our truly awesome Summer to Remember team who made these joyful moments possible. For months, they have been working tirelessly to collect forms, contact camps, pick-up and drop-off campers, drive them to the Muskokas, facilitate activity days and make sure that every child we send to camp has a fun-filled, memorable experience they will cherish for years to come!

Summer to Remember Staff Kat


A social worker by trade, this is Kat’s 10th contract with CityKidz! Whenever we ask, Kat has always generously stepped up to help us out with special projects like Summer to Remember. She’s also one of our dedicated route captains and has been volunteering with CityKidz for many years! Thank you, Kat, for your enduring dedication to our kids and we hope you are enjoying your much-deserved vacation!

Summer to Remember Staff Chris


After four years of teaching abroad, Chris joined our Summer to Remember team back in June and has been a super addition to the team. All summer, Chris kept his cool under stressful circumstances and always went out of his way to make his campers’ safety and happiness his top priority. Thank you for all the energy and heart you have brought to your role this summer!

Summer to Remember Staff Jessica


This is Jessica’s second year sharing her talents as part of the Summer to Remember team. Jessica brings with her extraordinary calm, patience and love to everything she does for her campers! Thank you for all the dedication and initiative you took to make sure every child had the best experience possible. We wish you the best of luck as you begin your teaching career this fall!

Summer to Remember Staff Eveliina


You might recognize Eveliina as a CityKidz Saturday fun host. This summer, she found new ways to share her gifts of performance, energy and creativity as part of the summer to remember team. Thank you, Eveliina for sharing a different side of yourself with hundreds of kids who were so excited to meet and spend time with their fun host. We’re looking forward to seeing you back on stage this fall!

Summer to Remember Staff Sarah


Sarah’s formidable leadership is what turns the vast, detailed, complicated and unwieldy Summer to Remember project into hundreds of fun and life-changing experiences for children in our community. Thank you, Sarah, for your organization, patience and positivity. We wish you lots of rest in the coming weeks as you prepare for the Gift of Christmas season!


Honourable Mention

We also want to give a shout-out to all the people who helped make this summer a success. Thank you to our supporters, volunteers, bus drivers and staff for giving your all. Thank you for making this a summer to remember!

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