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CityKidz is looking for people who want to impact the lives of children in their own community!

Every week, hundreds of children wait for the CityKidz bus to arrive and to bring them to our magical theatres. For the time they are with us they experience high impact programming with engaging games, skits, songs, memory moments and also share a meal together. Could you be one of the adults who brings them the message of Faith, Hope and Love? We would love to show you what CityKidz is about and to introduce you to all the different way you can be part of changing children’s lives.

A volunteer story: meet Kerry

Volunteering at CityKidz is a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals, diversify your skill set, uncover a new passion and invest in the lives of individual children, and your city.

Available Roles

Below are a few categories of roles that you can fill as a volunteer at City Kidz. All Volunteers attend an orientation session, participate in a training program and are paired with a staff member or experienced volunteer to mentor them into their role.

Team Captains

Do you have experience with leadership and a deep passion for working with kids? Team Captains are our most front line volunteer position and are truly the carriers of Faith, Hope and Love to the children. These individuals visit the kidz at their homes each week, and give leadership to the bus on Saturday. CityKidz is looking for adult volunteers with demonstrated leadership, strong interpersonal skills, a desire to build a team, and a commitment to our values.

Team Members

Could you be one of the adults who is on the bus, building relationships and singing songs with kidz during the program? Do you love being part of a team and working together with others towards a great cause? If so, this may be a great fit for you. Team Members are part of the front line during our Saturday programs and have the opportunity to get to know the CityKidz on the bus as well as in the theatre.

Cast Members

Are you at home on the stage? Do you enjoy teaching lessons, inspiring dreams and leading games? The CityKidz and KinderKidz Cast and Crew is a great place to apply these gifts. Be part of a dynamic, extraordinary cast of people who use creativity and fun to teach our children and allow them opportunities to play and be the wonderful kids they are.

CityYouth Mentor

Our CityYouth program is one of a kind! On Wednesday nights, over one hundred youth come to our Youth Studio for teaching, small group discussion, and to engage in community. The majority of the youth were once CityKidz participants and are training to be leaders at CityKidz and within their communities. If you find great joy in mentoring 12 to 15-year-olds, we would love to show you CityYouth!

Administration and Support

Are organization, data entry and efficient systems things that you enjoy? Do you like preparing things so others can excel on the front line? Are you available during the week? CityKidz is always in need of dedicated administrative volunteers who are detail-oriented and love to organize. With a variety of roles based on the skills and comfort level each volunteer has, we are committed to finding a place for our administrative volunteers to flourish.

Operations, Maintenance and Logistics

If you love to be hands on, and know how to take things apart (and put them back together again) then this area might just be for you!  This area of volunteering includes everything from assisting with maintenance projects, to traffic control each Saturday.  Our operations team is critical to the success of all our programs and we are always in need of qualified, competent people to help keep our kids safe, and our organization running efficiently!

Events, Fundraising and Development

Love to fundraise, run events or promote? Throughout the year, CityKidz hosts several events that would not be possible without the leadership of our fundraising volunteers.

Bus Drivers

It’s true: when asked what their favourite thing about CityKidz is, children almost always say it’s riding the “Big Red Bus.”  Without buses — and the drivers to drive them — our children would never get to experience CityKidz and be transformed. Sign up today!

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