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CityKidz inspires Hope

Using a survey created by The University of Kansas Lawrence that has been validated for children aged 7 to 15, we have consistently found that:


of our children have a positive attitude and hope

CityKidz Instils Resilience

From survive to thrive, CityKidz kids rise above their circumstances.

One of the many ways we instil resilience is through weekly home visits to every child who attends our Saturday program. Home visits provide us with the opportunity to build relationships with kids and their families and to truly show them that we care. This consistent week-in and week-out commitment contributes to building the strong relationships that enable our CityKidz children to thrive in spite of sometimes very challenging circumstances.

Over the past two years, we have implemented program wide assessments that help to measure the impact of our programs. These findings – which our partner, World Vision Canada, considers to be “breakthrough” – reveal that:


believe our program is helping children ‘do the right thing’


believe our program helps children to ‘be honest’


believe our program helps children to ‘be more respectful’

CityKidz Impacts Futures

CityKidz children have what it takes to break the cycle of poverty.

One of the many ways we impact futures is through our Jr. Leadership program. Designed to both mentor and train adolescents to serve as leaders within CityKidz, the Jr. Leadership program provides graduates of the CityKidz Saturday program opportunities to model what they’ve learned. Under caring and supportive supervision, our Jr. Leaders develop skills that will be of benefit to the community as they mature to become responsible young adults.

Additionally, our CityYouth program helps youth to become “servant leaders,” not only within CityKidz, but also throughout the community.

Our Approach Works

The Centre for Community Based Research conducted an extensive study of CityKidz and their findings were nothing short of miraculous! Here are three of their findings.


‘Internal outcome’ scores went through the roof after children attended our program for three or more years.

These ‘internal outcomes’ deal with perceptions and attitudes children have that dictate how they think and act in any given circumstance. Researchers found that children who attended CityKidz programs for three or more years demonstrated:

• increased awareness of their God-given potential
• increased self awareness and positive self-worth
• increased self-control and empowerment
• increased cultural sensitivity and acceptance
• increased social sensitivity and empathy


‘Action outcomes’ (what children DO based on how and what they think) also went way, way up.

Having attended CityKidz, children believe that God has a plan for their life and they are much more likely to:

• imagine accomplishing great things
• be aware of and participate in community activities
• make positive choices
• assume leadership responsibilities
• set healthier lifestyle boundaries for themselves
• demonstrate positive behaviours


The longer the kids attend CityKidz, the greater their faith in God will be regardless of their religious beliefs.

Children attending CityKidz for three or more years had a significantly greater level of faith than when they began attending our programs.

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